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Where the Hell Have I Been (Book 2 Cover Reveal)

Okay, as you've noticed there isn't a second book yet but there is a cover:

Cover Art & Design by Carmilla Mayes

I wanted to wait on the public cover reveal for Book 2 until I finished formatting and publishing the 2nd edition of The Southern Magicks #1 but I thought you'd waited long enough.


Where is Book 2? I'm still working on it; I've got the editor rebooked for March 2024 and I'm hoping to get it out by June.


So what happened? Life. I'm an indie author so like everyone I've been hit by the increased cost of living. I also put The Southern Magicks #1 through another round of editing with my current editor Sue. I always felt like it needed another round of developmental editing, but I couldn't afford it at the time and I wanted to release the book.


I also put the money I was originally going to spend on getting Past Mistakes & Bellyaches edited towards moving, to Brisbane.


In late July I realised I needed to move out of the house I was living in. So I decided to move to the city and study my dream degree now my ADHD is being treated. My day job maybe cleaning toilets for the government but that met I could easy transfer job locations.  Things happened fast after that when I realised I could study in person over the summer trimester. I take my annual leave during summer. While I am going to focus on finishing Book Two of The Southern Magicks: Past Mistakes & Bellyaches and the short story collection, having a design degree will be beneficial to my writing career going forward. It will allow me to do the formatting and internal design of my books and create the covers starting with my next series and any short stories/novellas I publish in the meantime. I'm going to keep using Carmilla Mayes for the cover design of the main books in the The Southern Magicks series as Carmilla has done fantastic work one books 1 & 2, I can't wait to see the other covers that are in the works.


Just thought I'd make a quick update, I look forward to writing up a post about living in the actual city for the first time.

Spolier: My only regret is not moving here sooner :)

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