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"The Southern Magicks" Blog Tour Masterlist

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

The Southern Magicks book cover mock up with zoomed in cover as background, under the series title and slogan 'get steeped in magic'
The Southern Magicks banner and cover by Fantasy & Coffee Design

The Southern Magicks (Book One of The Southern Magicks Series) has just had a blog tour!

Even though I've been an author for about five months, this tour has suddenly made it feel even more real if that's possible.

Thank you to the hosts Scott and Mark from Other Worlds Ink and all the bloggers who participated in my tour.

Thank you to everyone who followed my Facebook page and joined my newsletter mailing list during this tour, I hope you enjoy your time here.

Here is the current list of posts from the tour:

A young man in a green sweater with dark curly hair holds a green Grimoire on a street at sunset with a purple orange hue
Dexter Lacy holding a grimoire at sunset by Joanne Kwan

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