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Content warnings/Trigger Warnings for Book One of The Southern Magicks Series


Blood, Bullying (police antagonists engage in bullying), Car accident (on-page, no major injuries), Cursing, Confinement, Death (on-page murder), Dysphoria (POV character is a trans man who experiences gender dysphoria), Emotional abuse, Gore, Kidnapping, Medical content (hospitalisation; MC experiences & recovers from serious head injury), Murder (referenced up until climax, then witnessed on-page), Panic attacks/disorders (MC has generalised anxiety disorder. First person POV panic attack and ADHD meltdowns on page [angry, sad and shutdown]), Physical abuse, Police brutality (on-page by antagonist), Vomit.


Ableism (hostility to symptoms of undiagnosed ADHD), Alcohol, Body horror (mutilated, decaying body shown briefly on page), Classism (antagonist is classist), Grief, Gun violence (characters threaten someone with gun), Mental illness, Sexism (antagonists have a patriarchal culture), Sexual content (No sex on page. Sex is mentioned several times and there is one non sexually explicit scene where two characters in a romantic relationship take a bath together), Sexual harassment


Abandonment, Alcoholism (cultural), Biphobia (microaggressions), Child abuse (referenced off-page), Forced institutionalization, Homophobia (vague microaggressions; mentions of experienced homophobia), Outing (past experience mentioned), Slavery (referenced), Stalking (vague stalker-like behaviour), Suicide (character mentioned to have died of this in passing), Transphobia (a couple of purposely vague microaggressions from antagonists), War (local civil war between magic factions mentioned as a threat)

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